Creams and Lotions

Rocky Mountain Pharmacy offers our own line of specially formulated creams and lotions, only available at our pharmacy!

In addition to offering these creams in-store, we are happy to accommodate phone orders if you would like them shipped to you. Please browse our selection below and then continue to the bottom of this page for ordering instructions. As a special offer, order 6 or more creams and get 10% off your order! Please be aware that state sales tax and shipping fees may apply.

neuropathy cream.jpg

Rocky Mountain Neuropathy Cream 4 oz.


It's "Pink Stuff"!

Rocky Mountain High Neuropathy Cream is intended to relieve the tingling sensation or loss of feeling from neuropathic (nerve) damage caused by various ailments such as diabetes, M.S., poor circulation, old age, or other contributing factors.

It's pink because it contains cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) which may increase blood flow to areas affected by neuropathy.

jacks pain cream.jpg

Rocky Mountain High Jacks Pain Cream 4 oz.


Jack's Pain Cream is an elegant cream with unique dry skin soothing properties and it contains hemp seed oil that absorbs quickly to aid with joint pain.

Fun fact: It's named after our cousin Jack - a carpenter - who says this is the only cream that helped his joint pain!

sunburn cream.jpg

Rocky Mountain High Sunburn Cream 4 oz.


Sunburn Cream is for cyclists, climbers, and adventurers who commonly get road rash, sunburn or abrasions. It is intended to help damaged skin heal faster and rejuvenate. It can take away that tight, sunburned feeling to leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated!

CBD Cold Therapy Cream 4 oz.


This cream uses menthol to provide a soothing, cooling feeling on irritated skin. This cream can be used to provide relief from a variety of ailments such as muscle aches, inflammation, and joint pain.

CBD Extra Cold Cream 4 oz.


What makes this different than the regular cold therapy cream? Extra menthol! This cream can provide a more intense cooling feeling alongside it's soothing properties.

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Rocky Mountain High Olive Cream 4 oz.


Soothing and healing, our Olive Cream combines the incredible skin softening abilities of Olive Oil with the hydrating, regenerative powers of Aloe.

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Rocky Mountain High Altitude Lotion 8 oz.


High Altitude Lotion combines 35% shea butter and silk protein that absorbs quickly for soft, smooth-feeling skin.

How to order by phone:

Our hours are generally 9am to 7pm MST. Please give us a call at 970-586-5577 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you in selecting and shipping your choice of cream or lotion.