Meet Our Pharmacists

greg barton.jpg

Greg Barton, RPh and Owner

Greg was the first person at the University of Iowa to graduate with a 5-year degree in pharmacy and letter in a major sport (football).

Soon after graduation, he moved to Colorado and bought Longmont Drug & Liquor Store. After selling Longmont Drug, Greg worked for chain stores around the Front Range until he discovered Rocky Mountain Pharmacy & Liquor in Estes Park. In 1994, he purchased the business and has successfully navigated it ever since.

Greg credits the amazing people working for him for his success. He values their hard work, motivation, and commitment to making Rocky Mountain Pharmacy the best pharmacy in Estes Park. He enjoys helping patients by providing prescription in a timely and caring fashion, making sure they understand their medications while educating them at the same time.

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Ron Legge, RPh

Ron grew up in a tiny town on Colorado's Western Slope. He graduated from the University of Colorado and began his pharmacy career.

He has worked for RMP for 20 years and longs for a time when a handshake worked like a contract. He holds these values close and is thankful Estes Park has people who do too.

A little-known fact about Ron is he is a cat whisperer. He loves making special compounded prescriptions for cats, dogs, and humans.

Megan Willis.jpg

Megan Willis, PharmD

After getting her bachelor's degree in Biology in 2013, Megan elected to attend pharmacy school at Regis University. She achieved her PharmD degree in 2017 and began working at RMP in January of 2018.

Megan is no stranger to working in a small-town pharmacy. She grew up working in her mothers independent pharmacy in Texas.

Megan is a specialist in Medicare Part D enrollment and medication synchronization. She is a compounding pharmacist, qualifies to vaccinate, and prescribe birth control pills.

She looks forward to building trust and relationships within the community.

Meet Our Staff

Jay Jirles.jpg


Certified Pharmacy Tech

Jay has worked for Rocky Mountain Pharmacy since 2013 and has been a certified pharmacy technician since 2015. He specializes in inventory control for prescription drugs. His passion is to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients.

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Certified Pharmacy Tech

Brandi was recommended by her sister for a pharmacy tech position when she was in high school. She developed a passion for the job and moved from "grasshopper" to certified technician. After a summer job at RMP, the pharmacy became her career, passion, and family.