Rocky Mountain High Altitude Lotion
High Altitude Lotion combines 35% shea butter and silk protein that absorbs quickly for soft, smooth-feeling skin.
Rocky Mountain High Crash Cream
Crash Cream is for cyclists, climbers, and adventurers who commonly get road rash, sunburn or abrasions. It is intended to help damaged skin heal faster and rejuvenate.
Rocky Mountain High Altitude Cream
High Altitude Cream is an elegant cream with unique soothing properties. It contains hemp oil intended to aid in rejuvenation.
Rocky Mountain High Olive cream
Soothing and healing, our Olive Cream combines the incredible skin softening abilities of Olive Oil with the hydrating, regenerative powers of Aloe.
Rocky Mountain High Pink Stuff
Rocky Mountain High Pink Stuff is intended to relieve nerve damage or neuropathy. Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and age are some potential causes of nerve damage.