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Pharmacy Items

We compound prescriptions for those in need of customized medications. We have a certified compounding pharmacist and one certified compounding tech on duty. No other pharmacy in town has our capabilities.

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RMH Altitude Cream

We make and sell our own special "High Altitude Cream".  Available in the pharmacy, or right here online.

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Special Requests & Specialty Items

Rocky Mountain Pharmacy welcomes special requests. Just ask us.

We also carry a wide variety of specialty items, including:

First Aid
High Altitude Cream
Diabetic supplies
Durable Medical Equipment
Burt's Bees Cosmetics
Travelers Aids

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Our Pharmacy Staff

Rocky Mountain Pharmacy is a unique, independent retail pharmacy located in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. Only minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park and with a full view of the historic Stanley Hotel, RMP remains busy throughout the year, especially during the warmer seasons. Greg Barton, owner and pharmacist of RMP, took over in July 1993 and hasn't stopped working since.

There are three full-time pharmacists and three technicians.  We also have two certified compounding pharmacists available for your special prescription needs. The rest of the staff fills a variety of roles, from customer service to cashiering to making RMP the place to go to.

Prescription Drugs

We care for the health and well-being of our patients and customers. This means that we strive to fill your prescriptions accurately and efficiently while answering any questions you may have. We want you to understand both the benefits and the side effects of the treatment you have chosen.

We can fill prescriptions from all parts of the country. We are familiar with all types of insurance plans and accept Medicare and Medicaid. Our staff is here to assist you and is well trained, knowledgeable, and service oriented.

Because RMP has longer hours than any other pharmacy in town, we are the go-to pharmacy in emergencies.

Compounded Prescriptions

RMP dispenses not only traditional prescriptions but compounded ones as well. Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. In recent years, compounding has experienced a resurgence.  Many physicians are working with pharmacists to offer their patients the benefit of medicines tailored specifically for certain needs. Compounding can benefit patients in a variety of ways.

As a Compounding Pharmacy, we formulate and dispense products designed to deliver medicine for human and veterinary use. Ron and David, our Compounding Pharmacists, have years of experience designing vehicles to make the prescription you need more palatable and more beneficial. If it means topical prescription for hormone replacement or a tuna flavored prescription for your cat, Ron and David can do it.

  • Compounding can meet the special needs of hospice patients, or people who can't swallow tablets or capsules.
  • By working closely with a compounding pharmacist a doctor can prescribe medications for anxiety, pain, nausea, foot or toe ulcers, canker sores, and antibiotics.
  • Bioidentical hormones restore strength, vitality, and quality of life for aging men or women suffering from decreased libido, impotence, decreased muscle mass and strength, osteoporosis, heart disease, stamina, sleep disorders, mood changes, depression and anxiety.
  • We can also can compound a specific prescription for your pets!

Free Diabetes Clinic

We offer and specialize in Type II Diabetes counceling. As a teaching pharmacy, we sponsor students from both the University of Colorado and the University of Iowa, which allows us both the manpower and equipment to test and consult with diabetic patients. Consulting and testing is free.

Call the pharmacy for an appointment: (970) 586-5577