RMP is the proud creator of Rocky Mountain High Products. Because of the dryness in the Rocky Mountains, Greg sensed a greater need for custom cream compounding. He and his staff began working, creating and perfecting formulas to fit with the arid environment.

From that, RMP created the Rocky Mountain High Altitude Cream. Other products were developed to compliment our flagship Altitude cream. The Rocky Mountain High line is smooth, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and designed with mostly natural products. Rest assured that our products are never tested on animals or made with irritating dyes or chemical fragrances.

Rocky Mountain High also has an expanding product line that includes massage oil, sunscreen, chapstick and lotion all labeled with the registered trademark of the Rocky Mountain High emblem.

High Altitude Cream TOP Export.jpg

Rocky Mountain High Altitude Cream

The High Altitude Cream was created specifically to hydrate and nourish dry skin. This elegant cream has unique soothing and healing properties that you can use all over your body—including your lips. This cream moisturizes and protects for full skin rejuvenation.

$10.99, 4oz

Pink Stuff TOP EXPORT.jpg

Rocky Mountain Pink

It's easy to's pink! Vitamin B-12 is a vitamin that helps prevent fatigue, depression, and memory loss. When it is applied to your skin it also works against Eczema and neuropathy. After it's absorbed it can give you Energy.

$15.99, 4oz

RMH Lotion Export.jpg

Rocky Mountain High Altitude Lotion

RMH Altitude Lotion is created with a silky smooth base combined with natural healing oils that absorb quickly and help rejuvenate and moisturize for soft, smooth-feeling skin.

$12.99, 8oz (pump bottle)

Olive Cream TOP Export.jpg

Rocky Mountain High Olive Cream

Made with more than twice the healing nutrients of lotions, RMH Olive Cream helps to nourish and heal while also restoring skin to its natural balance and health. This will make your skin look and feel smoother, younger, healthier, and it also provides great relief from sun burn.

$10.99, 4oz